Iran Dates

Date are very nutrient fruits enriched with valuable materials and minerals. Controlling free radicals, dates may prevent from human molecular degradation and mutation resulting from these radicals and, therefore, it is introduced as an anti-cancer fruit.
Absence of some diseases including arteriosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, and etc., It should be mentioned that all these nutrient values are not found in any single fruit.
Types : Mazafati ( Fresh date ), Piarom , Sayer , Zahedi , Kabkaab , Rabbi ,



Mazafati Fresh date, black in color. available in AAA, AA and A grades. Dark Brown to Black and semidry. Packing in PP Food Grade (certified) which can be kept at freezing point and Packaging: only 750.600,500 ,grams packages available.
Piarom Description :. Black-Brown in Color, Round in size . Usage : Used pitted or unpitted for direct consumption and/or pitted for stuffed dates.Shelf Life : At room temperature about 18 Months, under interim fumigation. This Product is available with the Following types : 500 gram contain of dates boxes.
Sayer Semi-dried with moisture under 15% , dark brown , long in size , available in pitted or non-pitted forms.The grades of sayer date are mentioned below: 1 - Super Select maximum 70 pieces/lb. 2 - Select Grade A maximum 75 pieces/lb. 3 - GAQ maximum 115 pieces/lb. 4 - FAQ (smaller sizes, no specific count/lb.
Zahedi Description : Yellow in Color, Round in size. Cleaned, Sorted, Brushed, Mix and sorted. Dry, moisture under %14. Packaging: in 10kg Crton and in 30Kg or 50Kg P. P. Bags.
Kabkaab Black-Brown in Color, Round in size. Usage : Used pitted or unpitted for direct consumption and/or industrial purposes.Type : Soft, moisture under %18.with one year Shelf Life is available in 500kg. 10Kg Export Quality Cartons.
Coloteh Dark brown to black Round in size and semi dry dates (moisture is under 15%), Used pitted or unpitted for direct consumption and industrial purposes. Semi-Dry, moisture under %15.Packing in 10Kg Export Quality Cartons. 500g Contain of pitted dates boxes. Packaging: 10 kg Carton lined with poly linerand Cello Packaging.