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Try our juice concentrates and guarantee your life health! Fruit juice consumption is becoming a worldwide dietary habit. Fruit juice helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels and boosts heart health in people with high level of cholesterol.Also a glass of orange juice meets 80% of the daily vitamin C need, andthe vitamin B and phosphorus contained in fruit juice strengthen the nerves , increase the stomach enzymes, and ease digestion.
So make fruit juice of our natural fruit juice concentrate, and enjoy yourhealth! I get asked a lot what the healthiest sweetener is and my answer is always any sweet whole food still pretty much in it’s original form.


I think anything that’s been extracted and heavily processed and preserved isn’t going to be anywhere near as healthy as a whole fruit such as dates. Dates are so good for you as they contains loads of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium and are great for constipation and weight loss. A perfect post-holiday addition to your diet!


Kinds of JC / Barrel 230 . 250 . 265 kgBrix %
Pomegranate 65. +- 2
Beberry Concentrate 65. +- 2
Sour Cherry 65:1
Apple 65 - 2
BlackBerry % 65.
Red Beet 64.4+/-1
Date Concentrate 70-74
Date liquid Suger 70-75
Date Honey 80
Date Syrup 76-78
Black Plum 65 - 1
Red & White Grapes 70±1/ 65+- 1
Orange 65.4
Cornelian Cherry Min 52
PEAR JUICE CONCENTRATE 70 ± 0.5 g/100 ml