Health benefits of Raisins


Drying grapes in to raisins has been practiced since long time ago. raisins were made in Persia and Egypt. raisins are dried grapes, they are made in many country. Raisins can be eaten raw or cooked. Raisins known to help people gain weight in a right and healthy way.
You need to eat something sweet? Have a handful of raisins to please your sweet tooth. Raisins are great substitue for candy and other sweets. Raisins are made from dehydrated grapes.
A small box of raisins have 35 g of carbohydrates which is good source of energy. You can find a good amount of potassium and magnesium, two minerals which are known to help lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.
Raisins have calcium which is good for building strong bones. Raisins help to treat arthritis and kidney stones. Raisins have elements that have anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial which protect body from infection. Raisins are good for vision.
Raisins have a iron that is good for making hemoglobin in the body. Raisins like other dry fruit such as figs , prunes ,and apricots are high in vitamins, energy , anti oxidents and minerals. 100 g of raisins have 249 calories and 3.7 g of fiber and vitamins than fresh grape.
Since raisins are dry fruit you can keep them in air tight containers and keep them away from moisture , humidity , sunlight and high can also put them inside refrigerator.